Pennsylvania Appraisal Class Training

Become a licensed real estate appraiser in Pennsylvania by taking an online class. The training course is offered in a state of the art manner that will cover all the topics needed to pass the Pennsylvania Appraisal exam. Professionals who work in this area of the real estate market enjoy a growing business that's in high demand.

License Courses:

  • Full 90 Hour Appraisal Pre license Class Requirement - This course consists of the 30 hour Basic Appraisal Principles module and the 30 hour. Basic Appraiser Procedures class, the 15 hour Residential Report Writing and Case Studies, and the 15 hr. USPAP courses. The 75 hour class portion of this package will offer training for real property concepts and characteristics, legal considerations, influences on real estate values, types of value, economic principles, real estate markets and analysis, highest and best use, and ethical considerations. The course will provide a solid foundation in basic appraisal principles no matter what appraisal specialty you pursue.

    The USPAP course will cover the history, purpose and structure, how some terms are defined and used, and the rules of USPAP.

Full course catalog of the Pennsylvania Appraisal School HERE

There are also Pennsylvania continuing education CE class training available. Keeping an appraiser license active requires periodic CE training. You will be notified of this once you get your license.

CE training class subjects include:

Appraisal Methods

The course is for students who are interested in getting 14 hours of continuing education CE credit. The purpose of this course is to provide students with knowledge and understanding of the appraiser methods. Students will learn and get training on the principles of value, the three approaches to value - sales comparison, cost, and income, reconciliation and gross monthly rent multipliers

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