Series 31 Training Course

- Online Prep

View and begin web based online training for the Series 31 license by using our online test course. The training is delivered in a virtual class manner that will teach you all of the course topics to pass the Series 31 test online through the web. No books or CD's are required if you are taking this virtual exam training.

The Series 31 is the license for futures managed funds. Brokers and NFA traders invloved in managed funds will need the Series 31 license. Our online Internet course makes it easy.

The course has multiple sections that guide you through each topic that is tested on the exam.

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The is no prior topic knowledge of the Series 31 exam subjects that is required beforehand. The online classes take you from beginning, and you can progress as fast or slow as you feel comfortable in. Full training support is given to all students who are enrolled.

Online topics include:

  • General Market and Futures Knowledge
  • NFA Regulations
  • CTA and CPO Rules
  • Futures and Margins
  • Types of Orders
  • Hedging
  • Spread Strategies
  • Futures Speculation
  • Broker and Trader Functions
  • More
There are web based tests and quizzes that will give thorough answer explanations online during the course. The web training also comes with a full description glossary of Series 31 test terms and definitions to use during the exam course.

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Book and cd

If you are looking for book or CD based study, Visit the Series 31 Book and CD material page.

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