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Life Insurance and Policy

A life insurance policy is an arranged contract between an Insurer and Insured. The insurer is the company issuing the policy contract and the insured is the individual being covered. A life policy acts as a transfer of risk from the person to a company.

There are many different types of options under the life title: Whole Life, Universal or variable life and more.

Some of these policies offer a cash value option within the contract and account.

There are more dynamic life contracts available for people who are looking to have the option to earn more than normal cash value in a general insurance account set up. Policies such as Universal Life, and Variable Universal type insurance vehicles allow people to earn and eventually obtain loans from market appreciation within the investment accounts of the insurance policy.

For more traditional straight and affordable insurance, some will look at term insurance

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Have a Policy you want to sell?

We have a network of insurance investors who are looking for life policies to buy. These settlements are for people who no longer wish to maintain their insurance but do not want to see it lapse. Some policyholders are getting cash settlements for selling their life insurance in excess of $500,000 cash.

You can sell or transfer a whole life, term, variable and other insurance products for cash. These are best for people 55 years and over who wish to improve the quality of their life.

Life Settlement Quote - Get now

Viatical re sell insurance or Selling a life policy form

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