Alaska Real Estate Licence CE

There are dozens of online Real Estate CE course topics to take for Alaska license holders. All are updated and current to Alaska regulations for agents licensed in that state.

CE Courses include:

Ethics In Real Estate - This CE class covers the NAR Code of Ethics and reviews case studies pertaining to the code. Sample scenarios are included as a decision making practice for licensees. This course will insure that real estate professionals have a strong understanding of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Code of Ethics and understand the difference between ethical and unethical behavior.

  • Risk Management
  • Pricing Properties to Sell
  • Commercial Sales and Exchanges
  • Real Estate Ethics
  • Principles of Commercial Real Estate

Our online class delivers state of the art course presentations to our students. All Alaska students will receive a certificate of completion. Our students are prepared to pass the state exam after our class.

License and Alabama continuing education training courses are available.

License Regulations:

A person must have completed 24 consecutive months within the last 36 as a licensed salesperson, and real estate must have been his/her principal occupation; he must either own a real estate business or work as the broker for a corporation or partnership.

A corporation or partnership can have only one broker in charge. If a second person, meeting the qualifications of a broker, holds an ownership position or is employed by the company, that person is considered an associate broker.

If a broker no longer meets the conditions of ownership or corporate employment, his/her broker license is suspended until such time as that status is resumed; alternatively, he/she may become an associate broker in another broker's office.

A person who has been convicted of a felony of one of the types listed above may not be granted a broker's license until seven years after the complete sentence has been served.