Series 7 Live Classes

The Series 7 class is offered to our firms nationwide for those seeking live training for this exam. Our programs include live programs for the Series 7. AIT provides group training for the Series 24, Series 6 and all other Finra exams. American Investment Training also gives Investment product education classes on-site.

For any live class, books are required and should be studied at least 2-3 weeks. However, our courses are specifically designed for home study use, and most of our students pass their exams that way.

If you are an individual looking to get your Series 7 license, and are only looking for high qulaity books and CD test programs, please visit our home study course Section or you can take a

Full Online Series 7 Virtual Class - Sign up and see the schedule - Prep with an online crash course when the timing is right for you.

Contact us for all training options and choices for the Series 7 Exam

The online class is fully virtual and is state of the art. Student location does not matter.

On-site training for groups is available anywhere in the U.S. and select international locations Contact aitbroker at for live teacher options.

Series 7 Crash Course

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Now you can have of the best of both worlds - classroom and self-study! Attend our live, internet-based virtual crash course classes from your home or office. Our live virtual classes are the perfect addition to studying with our state of the art exam prep software and printed textbooks.

The key to any live class is the instructor. Our instructors have, on average, been doing this for 20 years. This means that they really know these exams inside and out and they also know how to teach the content so that it comes alive in class. Our instructors really care about their students, and stay available after each class session to work with students who need extra help, and to answer additional questions on a one-on-one basis.

Video Crash Course

Students with an upcoming test date for the series 7 will look to take a crash course or class. These classes in actual classroom locations are getting more scarce as most training companies offer online classes or virtual crash courses.

Students studying for the Series 7 in larger cities like New York or LA may find actual locations, but most find it easier to use a web based or video course online. A "crash course" should only be taken if you are already pre-studying with updated and quality training material. These include books and testing software. These are available through American Investment Training. AIT also provides other helpful links and an investment Glossary.

A typical class will cover near 40 hours worth of material. These can normally be paused or viewed as you have the time. The best part about an online setting is you can time it as close to your actual test date.

Available Crash Courses Online

You can view sample content and a full monthly schedule for upcoming classes. Easier for note taking and retention as you can't "pause" an actual person :) Price also is less than having to drive to a live course.

Best of luck on passing the Series 7. Know where the exam focuses on and be strong in those areas.

In house training for firms is available in New York, Manhattan, Long Island, Chicago, Los Angeles, and most other areas or states in the country. For most students, our LIVE VIRTUAL SERIES 7 CLASSES are the perfect combination for viewing from the ease of your computer or phone and a class experience. Full Support included.

Phone tutor sessions are available across the country by appointment.

Book and CD Study Material - for those just looking for home study prep material.

Buy Now - This is the complete home study course for the Series 7. It includes a 5 book set and a 7000 question and answer CD Rom (can be purchased separately). No class is required.

Updated for current exam content. Learn more about the home study course

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